Respected members of the community who have endorsed Judge Renee Day:

  • Hon J.S. Hermanson, Presiding Judge, Amador Superior Court
  • Hon Seth Hoyt, Judge, San Joaquin Superior Court, resident of Ione
  • Hon. Susan C. Harlan, Ret., Amador Superior Court
  • Hon. Don Howard, Ret., Amador Superior Court
  • Hon. Timothy Healy, Presiding Judge, Calaveras Superior Court
  • Suzanne N. Kingsbury, Presiding Judge, El Dorado Superior Court
  • Hon. Dylan Sullivan, El Dorado Superior Court
  • Patrick Crew, Amador County Board of Supervisors, District 1
  • Richard Forster, Amador County Board of Supervisors, District 2
  • Frank Axe, Amador County Board of Supervisors, District 4
  • Terry Sanders, Volcano
  • Alan Lennox, Sutter Creek
  • Dr. Craig and Dena Kinzer, Sutter Creek
  • Craig Conrardy, OnPharma, Sutter Creek
  • Alan R. Coon, Esq. Jackson
  • Suzanne and Dave Nicholson, Jackson
  • Mark E. Bentley, Ione
  • Dr. Kelli Garcia, Sutter Creek
  • Ciro and Kim Toma, Sutter Creek
  • Jill Curran, Ione
  • Matt Toma, Jackson
  • John Pretto, Jackson
  • Gary Redman
  • Wayne Garibaldi, Jackson
  • John Kirkpatrick, Jackson
  • Jimi Vinciguerra
  • Ron Floyd, Sutter Creek
  • Joseph Bonini, Pioneer
  • Frank E. Kirkpatrick
  • Paula and Gary Wooten
  • Marge Chisholm and Mike Slater, Sutter Creek
  • Louise Longley, Esq, Jackson
  • Karl Knobelauch, Undersheriff Retired
  • Karen and Wyman Dickerson, Jackson
  • Vince Destigter, Pioneer
  • Letitia and Robert Sexton, Jackson
  • Harley and Michelle Hubbell, Jackson
  • Jon and Meredith Campbell, Sutter Creek
  • Robert and Sandra Cozad, Ione
  • Valerie Klinefelter, Plymouth
  • Robin and Dan Dorris, Ione
  • Rodney Burton Esq. and Bailey Burton, Sutter Creek
  • Kori and Dave Tearpak, Sutter Creek
  • Adam and Kandi Thompson and Divine Properties
  • Paul Molinelli, Sr and Chris Molinelli
  • Paul Molinelli, Jr and Chris Molinelli
  • Kelly Donnelly Pignataro
  • Kam Merzlak, Merzlak Signs and 2009 Citizen of the Year
  • Thomas Swett, Esq.
  • Brian and Julie Giannini, Sutter Creek
  • Jeff and Margie Runquist
  • Tiffany Kraft, Gateway Sothebys and Ryan Erosa
  • Rohn C. Barrow, Prosecutor
  • Jackie Norcross, Volcano
  • Nancy and Kim Roberts, Amador City
  • Jim Spinetta, Plymouth
  • Loretta Porteous, Sutter Creek
  • Tiffany Rice, Davenport Properties, Sutter Creek
  • Dominic Vicari, Owner, Motivate Personal Fitness Academy, Jackson
  • Lacey & Josh Arevalo, Jackson
  • Randall Raines, Dependable Tree Service
  • Michele and James Powell, Pine Grove
  • Steve Cilenti, Attorney at Law, San Andreas
  • Andrea Sexton, Commissioner, Amador Superior Court
  • Dominic Vicari, owner, Motivate Personal Fitness Academy, Jackson
  • Randall Raines, Dependable Tree Service
  • Jana Giron
  • Michelle & James Powell, Pine
  • Steve Cilenti, Attorney, San Andreas
  • Andrea Sexton, Commissioner, Amador Superior Court
  • Connie Gonsalves, Mayor of Jackson


From the Honorable Judge Harlan (Ret), Amador County Superior Court:
Judge Renée Day has been serving our community for the past five years as a judicial officer. She began her service to Amador County as a court appointed attorney representing children and parents in the juvenile court. In 2013, she was appointed by Judge Hermanson and myself to serve as our Commissioner, presiding over matters such as child support, traffic, small claims civil and family law case management and landlord/tenant matters.

After an extensive and impartial, 10-month vetting process by the Judicial Nominees Evaluation Commission, along with input from Judge Hermanson and myself, she was appointed to serve as my successor, upon my retirement in 2015. Judge Day is well trained in the law, fair, and treats all who come before her with dignity and respect.

I am also pleased that she shares my passion for children and families. Judge Day is committed to bringing much needed services to our county and participating in educational programs designed to assist our youth in keeping them out of the court system. Veterans Court, Every 15 Minutes (sponsored by our Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Commission), and CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates), are just some examples of her involvement.  It is clearly essential to have a well-qualified judicial officer on the bench, but what is accomplished off the bench can make a significant difference in the future of our community.

Judge Renée Day has my endorsement.

Judge Susan C. Harlan, Retired

From the Honorable Judge Howard (Ret), Amador County Superior Court:

“It didn’t take all of my 41 years on the judicial bench to form a special admiration for small-county judges such as Renee Day and Steve Hermanson…I have known and worked with Judge Day in a professional capacity for several years, from the time she was a practicing attorney, then as the Amador Superior Court Commissioner and Legal Research Attorney, and now as one of the two Amador Superior Court judges. Although both judges are running in the June primary election, they are not running against each other…I wholly support both of them.”

From Thomas Swett, Attorney-at-Law, Sutter Creek:
As a local attorney with multi-generational ties to Amador County, I have litigated numerous civil and family law cases before Judge Day. It has been my consistent experience that she is an exceptionally bright, well-prepared jurist who makes timely, fair, and well-reasoned decisions. Judge Day exhibits the utmost respect for the parties before her—yet is firm when necessary—and gives all sides a full and fair opportunity to be heard. Judge Day is skilled at facilitating settlements by finding creative, reasonable solutions to the problems before her, which saves everyone time and money. This is particularly true in family law cases, which by their nature are often exacerbated by elevated emotions. I have observed firsthand what an asset Judge Day is to our local legal community and to Amador County as a whole, which is why I endorse her for Superior Court Judge.

From the Amador County Deputy Sheriff’s Association (PDF format)

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